Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orly - Foil FX comes to Australia

I know this collection will be old news for my Northern Hemisphere lovelies, but it's just been released here in Australia. So I figured I would give it another try for those Aussies considering buying it.

In short, a glorious collection with one clear and utterly unique standout.  This collection may be coming later to Australia but it's perfect timing as we lead up to Christmas parties.

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Luxe is a gold I genuinely love.  And I don't normally like golds as a general rule.  It's cooler than most golds which make it flattering for pretty much any skintone.

Shine is an ice cold silver.  I can feel a chill up my back just looking at it.  This is pure, unadulterated glamour in a bottle.  Absolutely perfect for a formal Christmas do.

Finally, the standout, Rage.  Rage is an exquisite rose gold that just reminds me of old world glamour.  By far my favourite and by far the one I reach for the most, just because it is so unique and delicious.

And, just because I can (and because I'm enjoying testing out my new macro lens), here's some more Rage.  Rage on, comrades.


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