Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brush-Amour - #71

 **If you follow my Twitter, you'll know that I am contributing to a Charity Blog Sale, hosted by the lovely May of May Loves Makeup.  Chi Chi neons, Australis and BYS lacquers are all up for grabs.  Please check it out.**

I picked this little beauty up at a cheapy shop called Stuff and Nonsense.  The name alone of this establishment filled me with the utmost confidence that I was getting something special.  Like the clap.

Ok, so I'm being dramatic but I did pick up a nifty little lacquer for under $5.

The brand is Brush-Amour and I have no idea who makes it or where it comes from. Private label? 1960s bin?  Depths of hell?  You decide!

Edit: Thanks to Silhouette in the comments, the brand is actually Blush Amore and they have a website!

Enough of the smack talk.  This is a great little lacquer.  A luscious khaki green with swathes of gold throughout it.  Three coats (although, looking at my little finger, I could have probably done with four) and applied like a dream.


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