Sunday, August 1, 2010

Naily News #40

Zoya spam? I don't think loads of Zoya can EVER be considered spam, do you?

Color Club Rev'd Up, why have we not met as yet?

I know this lacquer is called Grape Juice but hands up who thinks it looks like jellybeans?

Andrea discovers the joys of Ciate Paint Pots.

Totally not nail related but this is just *tears up* beautiful.

Kaz rocks the red.  That is all.

You all know I'm craving pink at the moment.... and this is stunning.

Oooh, I nearly forgot.  I am contributing some lovely lacquers to a charity blog sale (see invitation below).

If you have a nail related post to share, paste a link in the comments.

Otherwise, read on to find out about my fabulous day in Sydney last week!

If you've been following my Twitter, you'll know that I spent last Sunday in Sydney. It was a totally epic day, kicking off with my having to sit next to a man on the plane who farted the whole 1.5 hours to Sydney.  Fart McNaughty-Bottom, aka Krakatoa, needs to see a doctor cos I'm pretty sure a normal human shouldn't be able to do that.

My first stop in Sydney was Illamasqua.  I've documented my time there at YGF.  Suffice to say, it was just awesomesauce and everything I had hoped it would be.  And you'll be happy to know, and maybe a little proud, I didn't dribble on the displays, nor did I engage in joyful wailing.  Much.

After Illamasqua, it was off to the Maxted Thomas PR Blogger Event.  One of the companies represented by Maxted, Benefit, were hosting a special pre-event event at their Paddington store.  Free makeup, eyebrow taming, and strip lashes for everyone!

I had some lovely strip lashes applied and, in a moment of pure theatre, screamed 'OH MY GOD, YOU'VE TURNED ME BLIND' when the lash glue went on.  The poor makeup artist went pale but stayed calm as she explained to me, in very slow English because she obviously realised she was dealing with a rookie, 'YOU'RE OK, YOU'RE NOT BLIND'.  Slap a sticker on me and call me dumb because, really, I deserve it sometimes.

Also at Benefit, I had the absolute pleasure and joy of meeting Anita from Love Vulcanella (a fellow Gum Leaf Mafiette) and Jade from Jade Musing.  We just started talking from the time we met and didn't stop for the entire afternoon.  Both ladies are freaking fantastic.  I can't wait to get back up to Sydney so that I may smooch on them some more.

After Benefit, it was off to the event, which was held at Brad Ngata's salon.  Three floors of some of beauty's biggest brands, all there for bloggers.  Trilogy, Orly, Nivea, Jane Iredale, Benefit, Elastoplast, Kerastase.... the brands were endless and everyone was super friendly.  And generous.  I think I received almost my weight in swag.

The event came to a close all too soon, and it was time for me to meet two of my favourite people in the world: Kaz and Em.

We met at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place and, from the time we all sat down, it was 1000 words a minute.    No awkward silences.  No weird moments.  It was like we'd always known each other.  They even got on the train with me to the airport.  Sure, it was the train they needed to catch to get home themselves, but I'd like to think they would have escorted me regardless.

I ended up only arriving home at around 10pm, totally knackered but totally exhilarated by the day.  Thanks to everyone who made the day possible and, to the wonderful people I met, I love you more than I love Smarties.  And I eat them everyday.


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