Monday, August 16, 2010

Sally Hansen - Opulent Cloud

I think I'll get this week's caca swatch out of the way nice and early.  Actually, there's another one coming up later this week but I'll give you plenty of warning.

I will apologise today for my photos this week.  I'm not well, my hands are showing the effects of being being dehydrated and I'm struggling with neat finishes due to this damn bronchitis.  Sorry guys. :-(

I had huge expectations for Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud. I'd seen it on so many blogs and, each time, it took my breath away.

And it doesn't disappoint in real life.  A lovely grey with gold throughout. The shimmer is what makes this special.  It's hard to describe but it's almost like the shimmer dances on top of the lacquer.  It's just gorgeous.

Don't you love it when a long-term lemming becomes a lemming done good?


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