Thursday, August 26, 2010

BYS - Wonderland Collection

Ms Nixxy if you're nasty alerted me to the BYS Wonderland Collection

At the first opportunity (ie 6.30am in the morning), I raced to the local 24 hour K-Mart, secured the lacquers, did a happy dance, drew the attention of security, answered a few questions, submitted to a drug test, and then went home.

Ok, I may have made up the bit about the drug test but the rest is a true story.

This is a superb collection.  All killer.  No filler.  And I picked up two sets which means that, if you love this, you could win the collection in next month's giveaway.  Glitter bombs for everyone!

Jump it ladies.....

Down the Rabbit Hole

Adventures of Alice

Through the Looking Glass
For those of you wondering, yes, this is a very close dupe of OPI's Absolutely Alice.

All up, another outstanding effort from BYS.   It was totally worth getting grilled at Kmart for these.  BYS, whoever is in charge of your product development, buy them a Ferrari and never let them go.  You guys can't put a foot wrong at the moment.


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