Tuesday, August 31, 2010

China Glaze - L8R G8R

I've put off swatching China Glaze's L8R G8R because I was underwhelmed by how it looked in the bottle.  I looked at and totally gave it a snobby side eye. 'Meh, I'll swatch YOU when I'm desparate'.

But colour me convinced and red-faced because this is a banging holo.  As with every lacquer in this collection (and really, this could be the best collaction of all time), the formula is phenomenal and easy to work with.  And the holo....... well, let's just say that, with holo-icity like this, I will forever be a holo ho.

Just on a blogging note, you'll note that I'm now including a third photo of just the colour itself.  I think it provides a nice representation of the colour without the distraction of nails.  I saw Helen doing this with her swatches and thought it a good idea (credit to Helen, she always has great ideas).  Let me know in the comments if you like or loathe.


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