Sunday, August 15, 2010

Naily News #42

This month's giveaway is being hosted on You've Got Face.  Click here to find out how you can win two sets of Chi Chi's Eye Magic.

I really think Kaz could make caca look good.  She rocks some vintage Urban Decays with suitable aplomb.

Liz trials Seche Vite's Ultra V UV Activated Top Coat.

There are many reasons to love Scandalous Ange.  She is beautiful and she makes a mean blueberry cobbler.

I want to know why none of you have told me about Pucca-licious before now?  Heads are going to roll.

I need this lacquer made into a frock.  It's divine.

Want more TTYL.  My little sister has the inside goss.

Shiny denim.  Sounds good, right?  This lacquer totally owns shiny denim.

Hands down, pants down, nail art of the year.  Give Andrea a medal!

If you have a great nail related post to share, paste a link in the comments.  Naily News is all about sharing the link love.

Otherwise, read on for some random goodness.  Or random smack talk.  Both are an accurate description.

So the sign above the jump is from my cheapie nail shop (244 Ballarat Road, Braybrook for the Melbourne girls).  OPI for $11. China Glaze for $6.  Lots of random sh*t for a whole lot less.

I had to laugh when I saw this sign at the register.  I'm presuming they mean 'gladly' but it got lost in translation somewhere.  But, if I take it literally, and exchanges are conducted gradually, does that mean I send the faulty product in piece by piece, Godfather style?  Something to think about.

Another piece of glorious randomness is this eclair.

I went to a friend's house for lunch and she served this up for dessert. She looked at me.  I looked at her.  We were both kind of thinking the same thing.  Is it just me (or her and me for that matter) but does this look a little... odd?

Oh and excuse the photo.  It was taken on the iPhone and I was laughing so hard that I couldn't take a clear shot.

I'm a professional as you can see.


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