Sunday, August 22, 2010

Naily News #43

Kaz investigates Essie Dominica Green dupes AND shares her haulage.  She's the blogger that lives to give. 

Nixxy Von Nixxerson discovers a new BYS collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  Enjoy!

Lava Rocks.  So does Scandalous Ange.

MeganChair does the BEST Nfu-Oh manicures.  Oh baby.

Diana is an artist. That's all.

Nicole shows how Brisbane Bronze should be done.

This Rimmel. I must have.

I never ever get tired of Claire's Mood polishes.  Konadomania rocks it out.

The Flinstones rock the 80s.  Seriously, manicure of the week.

Leanne totally nails (heheh, see how I worked that pun in) water decals.  And she uses Illamasqua just to make it even better.

If you have a nail related post to share, paste a link in the comments. Shake the link love!

Otherwise, read on to read some smack talk. No, seriously, it's not work the effort of clicking on the jump.

I got Shellac-ed earlier in the week.  My review is coming up this week but, in short, it is freaking amazing stuff.  Looks and feels like a regular manicure but wears like a gel (ie no chipping, no tip wear, no smudging).  I think I might have found something that I love more than cheese.

You'll notice this week that I've adjusted the lighting on my photos.  I swatch in the evenings so I never get the benefits of beautiful, natural light.  I've been playing around with my lamps and I've come up with a lighting arrangement that gives me a much more accurate view of the colours. Definitely let me know what you think of the new lighting as this is, really, about ensuring you guys get an accurate depiction.

Finally, we had our Federal Election yesterday.  The good news is that it's over.  The bad news is that there is no clear leader, which means a hung Parliament (not nearly as exciting as it sounds, despite the presence of the word 'hung') and a pretty divisive future for all Australians.  I do not heart this outcome.

What I do heart is Benicio Del Toro.  Don't question my obsession.  Just enjoy it. :-)


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