Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kazemlu - Pretty in (Random) Pink Collection - Part I

Today I have something really super duper special for you guys.  Today I'm premiering a collection that has not been seen in its entirety ever.  Yep, a You've Got Nail World Exclusive.

Ok, not quite.  When I visited Sydney a few weeks ago, I met up with the foxy Kaz and the equally delicious Em. We laughed, I got into a fight with a gay guy over a table at the Lindt Cafe (resulting in him spending a full hour giving me the side eye), and we pashed.  I may have made that last bit up, but I totally got the side eye.

And they gifted me.  They gifted me good.  A case FULL, and I mean FULL of beautiful lacquers.  I wanted to cry at their generosity but that would have meant messing up my Illamasqua makeover.  Suffice to say, I was genuinely touched.

I have named this the Kazemlu (see how I totally Brangelina'd their names) Pretty in (Random) Pink Collection.  For a few reasons.  Firstly, all the lacquers are from random brands. Secondly they're all pink (capitalising on my obsession with pinks).  And finally, Kaz' site is called Pretty Random.  Nifty, huh?

Thank you to my beautiful friends for these lacquers.  I love you more than I love the Sydney train system.

Sally Hansen - VIP Pink

CG Nail Slicks - Pink Bliss

Finger Paints - Decked with Dazzle

Icing - 42nd Street

 Maybelline Express Finish - Bikini Red

So what do you guys think? How gorgeous are these pinks? Stay tuned next week for Part II of the Kazemlu Pretty in (Random) Pink Collection.


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