Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloom - Jessica Mauboy Myrtle Green

Myrtle Green is the second lacquer from Bloom's Jessica Mauboy Designer Collection.

There are so many reasons why I absolutely adore this colour.

Firstly, this applies like a dream. One coat is all that it needs to be opaque. I put on two for the swatch but, really, the colour didn't intensify or change with the second coat. So, if you're a gal that likes a quick manicure, this is the colour for you. One coat and you're done and out the door.

Secondly, this is not a wild and wacky green which means I can - yay - wear this in the office without feeling like I'm pushing the boundaries of what constitutes appropriate office nail polish wear.

Thirdly, it lasts forever. I wore this for five days before I started to see minor tip wear. Given I am rough with my hands - I wash dishes without gloves, I'm a little lax on the moisturising, and I have two young sons who run me ragged - the longevity of this polish is something miraculous to behold.

Finally, it's green and - well - how can you not love this season's hottest hue?!

So tell me - which of the Jessica Mauboy colours gets your tick of approval. Sangria or Myrtle Green? Or are you Switzerland and love both?


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