Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sneak Peak

Hello, and a very warm welcome to You've Got Nail!

My name is Jacie (pronounced Jussy or Jay-see, depending on your inclination) and I am a mad lacquer lover from Australia. I spend a great deal of time - not to mention money - on snapping up nail polishes wherever I can find them.

Coming up in this very first week of You've Got Nail, it's all about Australia cosmetics company, Bloom, and their Designer Collection, which takes its inspiration from Australian celebrities.

Bloom have radically altered their approach to nail polish (it used to be all about pink, pink and more pink) and have branched out to more daring - and subsequently more interesting - colour combinations. As you can see, these colours are anything but traditional, especially that glorious neon blue, which is my personal favourite.

Also this week, you will get to see my very first nail art. And it's overwhelmingly underwhelming! But I have been totally inspired by some very talented and creative ladies so, over the next few weeks, look forward to me going nuts every Friday. I've even bought a Konad Stamper, although I happily admit to having no clues as to what to do with it.

Once again, welcome to You've Got Nail. I'd love to get your feedback, comments, requests or recommendations. Also, if you're another nail blog, and you'd like to link exchange, please let me know!


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