Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bloom - Miss Connie Pop Art Blue

Another Australian celebrity that has joined forces with Bloom for its Designer Collection is Miss Connie, of fab Australian band, Sneaky Sound System.

Pop Art Blue is hands down, pants down, my favourite Bloom nail lacquer. Look at that neon glow!

Unlike other Designer Collection hues, Sangria and Myrtle Green, (which are effectively one coat and they're opaque polishes) Pop Art Blue is a minimum two coat lacquer. The swatch on the left is two coats and, as you can see, there is visible nail line (particularly on my ring finger).

Pop Art Blue is also an absolute pain in the butt to apply. The formula is extremely thick and gloopy which means you don't get the luxury of being able to run the brush over the nail a couple of times to get it smooth. One shot is all you get so you have to apply very carefully.

Ok, so far this is a polish that requires three coats and is a pain to apply. So why do I love it? Because of that colour pay off. This is an extraordinary and vibrant blue that... how can I describe it..... pops! And, despite the pain of application, this dries to an amazing glossy finish.

If you want to know more about Miss Connie herself, I've embedded Sneaky Sound System's debut single 'Love it' below. If this song doesn't make you want don a rah-rah skirt, and do your best impersonation of Simon Le Bon circa The Reflex then you have no heart. Or you were born after 1985.

And Miss Connie herself wears a frock in this video that looks near identical to Pop Art Blue. Well, almost. This truly is a colour that reflects her personality.


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