Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloom - Miss Connie Neon Orange

The final polish from Bloom's Designer Collection is Miss Connie Neon Orange.

Neon Orange isn't quite a bright orange. It isn't quite a red either. It's what I would call an orange with very strong red undertones.

Unlike it's Pop Art Blue cousin, application is a breeze on this one. You could probably get away with one coat but, if you really want the orange to come through, then two is best.

This is also the colour I get the most compliments on. Normally, I dislike oranges. I find they just don't complement my skin tone.

But, thanks to the generous dollops of red in this, Neon Orange actually makes my hands look more tanned than they really are. I love it when a nail polish doesn't just make my nails look pretty!

This is also a great polish for longevity. I wore this when I spent the afternoon at my son's kinder washing paint brushes. Even after two hours in soapy water, there was no tip wear or chipping. That's impressive.

I've embedded yet another Sneaky Sound System video below, only because the gorgeous Miss Connie is wearing an orange frock in the video. I love that this collection isn't just a marketing ploy. The colours she has designed appear to be colours she actually wears in person.


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