Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sportsgirl Nail It! - Apple

**First of all, thanks to everyone who has become a YGN follower, left me comments, or sent me emails. I'm thrilled that so many of you are enjoying my addiction to nail polish!**

Sportsgirl's range of polishes - entitled Nail It! - are three free and cheap, so you can understand why I might have a (not so secret) lacquer crush on them.

Apple is exactly like it's title. This is a bright, Granny Smith apple green that is almost a dupe for Chanel's Jade, without the shimmer.

My only gripe with this polish is the formula. It is thick and gloopy, which I don't mind so long as the finish is opaque in one to two coats.

Unfortunately, this never became opaque for me. After three coats (as shown in the swatch), there was still a visible nail line, but the lacquer had become so thick on my nail that I didn't want to add another coat for fear that it would never dry! I think it might be worth trying some thinner to see if that might help with the application.

Despite the problems with application, this really is a lovely polish for Spring and, due to its brightness, Summer too. This is my go-to polish when I need a pick-me-up. It never fails to brighten my day!


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