Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Face Shop - YL701

The Face Shop is a Korean beauty brand that combines the best in nature at an absolutely affordable price.

I've tried pretty much all their products but it's the lacquers that make my heart sing, my wallet squeal with delight, and my husband breathe a sigh of relief. Each of these babies will set you back $3. That's less than the cost of a coffee and - trust me - the high I get from wearing these lasts much longer than any caffeine rush.

The colour I am wearing here is named YL701.

Although this looks like a shimmery yellow in the bottle, there is a fair chunk of gold in it. The gold seems to lift the yellow and stop it from looking like my hands are jaundiced.

Application is super-duper easy. The polish brushes on like a breeze, giving you enough time to get the application right, but drying fast enough so that, by the time you finish all ten fingers, you are ready for the next coat.

And the next.

And the next.

The swatch on the left is four coats. Which I don't mind as I quite like the subtlety of seeing my nails. But if you're an 'it's opaque or nothing' kind of girl, then this is probably not for you. I suspect this would be a fantastic colour for layering, or to jazz up a dark red or even a purple.

YL701 (ok, The Face Shop, we're going to have a serious falling out if you don't come up with a better naming convention) is a little bottle of sunshine in my nail collection. Sometimes (ok, you're all going to think I'm really weird here) I will just hold the bottle up to the light and stare adoringly at it. It's pretty and shimmery and oh-so-very Spring.


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