Monday, September 28, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Spring 2009 Collection

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Spring has arrived in Australia and, with it, comes Mecca Cosmetica's Spring Collection 2009.

At first I wasn't sure about this collection. I walked past it in Myer about ten times before I finally decided to take the plunge. The poor shop assistant, who had been cajoling me to buy them for days, must have breathed a sigh of relief when I finally said 'Ok, I'll take them'.

Part of the reason for my reticence is the price. These are a very steep $22 each, which definitely places them up there amongst my more expensive polishes.

Secondly, I wasn't that thrilled with the colour section. A pink, a grey and a coral? These are colours my mother wears (sometimes all at once, and sometimes paired with faux leather fringed boots, which is the equivalent of her declaring war on my retinas). In short, I am biased against these colours.

In the end, these surprised me. In a good way. And perhaps cured me of my general dislike of coral. Perhaps.


Celia is a two-coat pink.

The key with this is the application. The first coat goes on reasonably streaky, which made me panic at first. Flashbacks of pinks that take five coats to become opaque started to flash through my mind.

But all was forgiven on the second coat. The streaks disappeared and I was left with what you see. A glossy, liquid-like pink.

This also has a hidden depth to it. Through each of these colours is a very faint, almost invisible gold shimmer. The shimmer takes this from being a creme, to a creme with a difference.

Of the three, this is the one that is the most wearable. I can see myself wearing this for work, on the weekends, weddings. Anywhere.

Celia is a colour that will offend no-one, but will delight many!


Francisca is the colour that initially drew me into the collection.

I've never been a big fan of greys, but I was hopeful that this one, with the same gold shimmer running through it that Celia has, might change my mind.

And it did.

Like Celia, this is a two coat and you're opaque lacquer (I'm wearing one in the swatch and you can see a visible nail line).

Unlike Celia, however, it applies like a dream (no streaks!) and dries almost instantly.

If Celia is the most wearable colour, then this is the most versatile. It goes with almost everything in my closet, and is the perfect accompaniment when I'm wearing a suit to work and want to scare people (hey, I'm an auditor, scaring people is what I do).

And I feel sexy when I'm wearing it. Which means it's doing its job.


Mmmm, Luciana.

This was my problem child when I bought it. I think, besides orange, coral is my most hated colour. It just never looks good on my hands. The colour always seems insipid, like a watered down hot pink.

Luciana, though, has turned my mind around on the whole coral issue. Out of all the colours, this is the one I love the most.

Like the others, this has a gold shimmer running through it, which seems to give it a warmth and oomph that other creme corals don't have.

So, ladies, all that remains to be answered (beside the perennial question of why the heck my mother makes such poor colour choices, and the answer is she's menopausal and doesn't give a hoot), is which of these is your favourite?

Celia, Francisca, Luciana?


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