Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloom - Jessica Mauboy Sangria

I love a good Australian Red (wine, that is) so it's totally fitting and appropriate that my first swatch is a fabulous Australian red lacquer.

Jessica Mauboy's Sangria is from Bloom Cosmetics' Designer Collection. The Designer Collection teams the powerhouse that is Bloom with Australian celebrities. The results are some pretty amazing hues.

For those of you who don't know who she is, Jessica Mauboy is a former Australian Idol contestant who has developed her own, thriving, career since finishing as the 2006 runner up.

Sangria is a stunningly beautiful red. I tried for a good hour to get a photo that showed the many dimensions of this polish. And failed. This is a polish that never photographs or looks the same way twice.

Indoors, this colour looks like it does in the swatch - a luxurious, complex red, complete with a mysterious gold swathe that peeks through.

Outdoors, it turns into a bright deep pink-ish garnet that seemingly sparkles and dances in the sunlight.

This is a great colour for those of us with olive skin tones, although I suspect it will work for any skin tone, thanks to the pink and gold through it. It's subtle enough for work (I never fail to get compliments) but sexy enough for a night out.


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