Friday, September 25, 2009

Casual Friday - Worst. Nail Art. Ever.

Ok, everybody....

On the count of 3, lower your expectations.

You are about to witness the most ghetto nail art in the history of nail art.

Behold, Pop Art Blue with a French Manicure.

I must admit, this looks a whole lot better in person than it does in the photo.

In person, the blue pops like it always does, whilst the white provides a fabulous contrast.

In the photo, it looks like I have been assaulted by a chop shop.

But enough of this monstrosity.

I bought a Konad stamper earlier this week and I have been practicing each night. The first night was a disaster but, after looking at some You Tube videos, I think I might have mastered the ability to Konad my brains out.

So, if we can all agree that this was a nail art misadventure (hey, my banner doesn't lie - there will be misadventures at You've Got Nail), let's look forward to next week when I show you some decent nail art.


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