Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Barry M - Gold

Ok, hands up who is already humming the lyrics of the Spandau Ballet song of the same name in their head?

'You're indestructible, always believe in..... you are GOLD'.

Fibbers. I know you're all cutting dramatic hair flips and pouts in your head.  You can't fool me.

As you all know, I heart Barry M lacquers greatly. But I do not heart this as much as I heart my others.

For a start, I suspect the gold is a little too warm for my skin tone.  Cool toned ladies (or gents), this would look fabulous on you.

Secondly, the formula isn't so great.  It's suffering from a case of 'Am I a sheer or am I not?'  It's definitely too thick to be a sheer, but it takes forever (4 coats in the above swatch) to become opaque and, even then, I can see my natural nail.

So not a total success but these things are relative, given how stupendously good Barry M is normally.

And, just for those of you born after 1980-something, here is what I'm talking about with Spandau Ballet.


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