Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swatch Watch - Coral Colours **Voting Now Open**

I know my Australian readers are thinking something along the lines of 'WTF?' 'Coral Colours!' My nanna wears Coral Colours'. 'She's finally lost it.  Jacie, that is, not my nanna'.

And you'd be right.  Coral Colours has an unfortunate reputation for being nanna-ish in its colour selection.

However, they have recently started rebranding themselves and the results are on-trend, high quality lacquers that are to die.  The bottles still need work (seriously, a gold handle) but I'm seriously impressed with this brand's re-invention.

So much so that they are this month's Swatch Watch lacquer.

The rules of this competition are the same as always.

1. Pick your favourite Coral Colours lacquer after the jump.

2. Scroll down to the entry form.

2. Select your favourite Coral Colours lacquer from the drop down box.

3. Fill in your name and email address.

4. Click 'Submit Entry'.

5. Do a happy dance because you've just got your entry in.  This is mandatory - YOU MUST DANCE.

6. This competition is open to everyone (so long as your postal service can accept nail polish) and will close on 5pm, Wednesday 30th June 2010, Australian Standard Time.

If you're the lucky winner, you will win the lacquer you voted for PLUS you can choose one other lacquer from the ones swatched.

And now, for the additional prize.  If you are selected as the winner AND you are also a follower of YGN (this is mandatory if you want to win the additional prize - I want to be able to offer followers an additional 'Mwah, I love you lots' prize), you will receive, in addition to the two lacquers of your choice, a bottle of Pewter Polish.

So quit reading, start peeping and vote after the jump! 

Black Sateen
A banging black.  For Australian ladies, if you're looking for a cheap dupe of kit's Power Up, this is it.  I can't tell the difference between the two.

Blue Velvet
How could I not love a movie named after one of my favourite films.  This is stunning.  It's a blue but, as you can see, there are definite hints of purple.  Stunning.

Ebony Cherry
I don't understand the name but I don't think it matters.  This is another gorgeous colour.  1 tablepoon of plum, a hint of shimmer and a shedload of awesome makes this colour my favourite.

Midnight Red
The quintessential red.  It's beautiful.  And, of the four lacquers, this had the best formula.  Opaque in one coat, although I did two here because I lacked the mad skillz of perfect application this day.


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