Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jessica - Enchante

So, today is my wedding anniversary. 9 beautiful years with the love of my life.  It's also the wedding anniversary of my late grandparents.  It was one of the nicest moments of my life to share our 'first dance' with them as, on that day, they themselves had been married 55 years.

So forgive me for being pathetically romantic today with my manicure.

I've come to the conclusion that Jessica lacquers just do not get enough love.

For a start, every formula I have tried has been superb.  This was two easy coats and it was opaque.

Secondly, the bottles are huge.  As in 14 mls huge.  I like big bottles of lacquer.  I always feel like I'm getting value for money.

And the colours are outstanding.  Truly outstanding.  This is a beautiful fuchsia that is just dazzling on the nail.

What do you guys think?  And, whilst I'm in the mood for romance, tell me your memorable wedding, engagement, first date stories.  Hit me with the sap.


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