Monday, June 7, 2010

City Girl 2000 - #19

I often equate my approach to a  lacquer with its price.  $50 and it had better be worth it.  $1.50 and I'm expecting it to turn me blind.

So I applied this with all the cheeriness that comes when you're a kamikaze manicurist (seriously, if anyone is looking for a new blog name, Kamikaze Manicurist is an awesome one).

And I didn't go blind!

This is most definitely a layering lacquer.  It might go opaque but the formula is kinda gluggy and thick and slow drying.

This is three coats over a single coat of RBL's Sheer White.  It's a beautiful, pearl-esque lacquer with flashes of blue throughout.  For a lacquer that is super cheap, I'm quite surprised at how lovely this is.

I might use this over another of the manicures later this week, just to show you how it can transform a colour.  I suspect it might not be dissimilar to the CND Colour Effects, albeit alot cheaper.


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