Sunday, June 6, 2010

Naily News #32 + You've Got Face

I'm calling for last drinks on this months' giveaway.  There's still time to enter so click here!

Any lacquer called Beanie has my vote.  Check out Rebecca's lovely swatch.

It's just a preview at this stage, but Mary has the Milani Liquid Metals collection in her beautifully manicured hands.

It's nail polish, but not as we know it.

I have a crush on Kitty to Karen's nails.  My parole officer says I need to stop stalking her but the heart wants what it wants.

All You Desire comes up with a beautiful, summery combination.

Kellie Gonzo takes a standard Barielle to new heights.

When I see Megan's swatch, I think of the Village People.  Click and you'll instantly see what I mean.  Do not blame me for the song that will inevitably play over in your mind for the next few days.

My beautiful little sister does a fantastic gradient manicure.

Charlotte rocks a Psychedelic Sister.

If you have a great nail post, paste a link in the comments.  Share the link love!

And read on to find out about my big news!

From 1 July 2010, YGN will have a sister site - You've Got Face.

You've Got Face will be my little corner of the world to indulge my love of all things beauty and makeup related.  Unlike other beauty sites, I am neither super attractive, nor am I particularly adept at makeup (if I can look in the mirror and not think 'truck stop hooker at the honky tonk bar', I consider that a win) so I suspect it may end up being unintentionally hilarious, as opposed to informative.

As with YGN, my focus will be on updating regularly (I'm thinking Monday to Friday, so five times a week) and giving you my honest and uncompromising opinion.  If I don't like something, I'll say so.  If I like something, be prepared for me to auction off my kids to have it.

Things at YGN will not change at all, with one exception.  Instead of running two competitions a month, I'm reducing this to one, alternating between a Swatch Watch one month and a Giveaway the next.  I love being able to give you guys opportunities to win contra, but the time spent administering competitions, as well as shipping, is significant.  Please don't hate me.

All up, I hope YGN continues to entertain you guys.  I certainly love doing manicures and sharing with you my collection and passion and my day to day life.

Have a great week everyone!


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