Thursday, June 3, 2010

Debbilia - #74

Debbilia, hey?  It sounds like some kind of tropical disease.  Or an interesting, if somewhat convoluted, variation of the name Debbie.

As some of you may recall, this lacquer was a find during my Fiji holiday.  The cremes I found had all separated but the glitters were in immaculate condition.

Ha! I didn't even warn you that mega close-up of my cuticle was coming.  Sorry.

This lacquer is most definitely a layering lacquer (here I have layered it over an LA Splash blue that I will be showing on its own later this week).  It's a clear base with round, square and string shaped glitters.  It's surprisingly dense so you only need one coat to get the above effect.  Of course, the stringy bits are the hardest to get out of the bottle using the brush.  If you're a string glitter gal, just get an orange stick, fish the glitter out and place on the nail.

Drying time is average.  Unfortunately, Seche Vite just seems to move the glitter around so this is a lacquer that will require patience and lots of air.

All up, for a neat little find in Fiji, this is a great little lacquer.

Just one thing.  The name.  If you have a better name than #74, let me know in the comments.


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