Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glimmer Shimer - 'Bad Boy'

This lacquer from Glimmer Shimmer (sorry I don't know anything else about this brand) is nameless. If you have a great name for the little orphan, let me know in the comments.  I'm naming him Bad Boy. Read on to find out why.

Now, I really love this colour on the nail.  It's a beautiful, burnt brown with shimmer all the way through it. It only took two coats to get to opaque and a high shine.


Check out the bottle.  Look closely.  It's plum right?  And now look at my nails.  Not plum.  This lacquer is so bizarre.  It's like two different colours and I can't figure out how the heck that happened.

Secondly, the formula itself is weird.  For those of you familiar with gel nails, that is the consistency of the lacquer.  It's so thick that it makes a quick manicure out of the question.

Finally, and compounding the formula issue, the brush is a weapon of mass cuticle destruction.  The brush on this is like a toilet brush.  It spreads the lacquer everywhere, resulting in me having to do major cleanup.

This lacquer is like a bad boy at a bar.  You know you shouldn't but it's just too hot to ignore.  So I will indulge, despite the pain it brings, because life is too short not to enjoy bad boys.  Even ones who look totally different in the cold light of day. ;-)


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