Friday, June 18, 2010

BYS - Matte Pink + Potential Celebrity Manicure?

Another BYS matte I tried this week was Matte Pink.

This is just lovely.  The formula is wonderful and intuitive and glides on easily.  It took just two coats to get to opaque and, like other BYS mattes, dried to a satin matte finish.

Click on the jump to see what this looks like as a gloss.

PLUS if you're interested in celebrity manicures, this might be a great lacquer to get if you're wanting to be like California Gurls.  Check out what I mean after the jump.

I'm under no illusions that Katy Perry was wearing this lacquer at the MTV Movie Awards.  She was wearing China Glaze earlier on the red carpet, so I'm guessing this might be a China Glaze also.

BUT, this looks pretty close to me.  I know the photo isn't great but, for those of you who watched her performance, do you think this is close?


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