Monday, June 21, 2010

Illamasqua - Velocity Take II

Edit: Alex from Illamasqua contacted me, and the Illamasqua launch is actually now happening on 25th June 2010.  

Today is a very special day because it's the day Illamasqua finally launch in Sydney!

In honour of their arrival, I'm dedicating this manicure to Alex Box and her crew.  I'm in Sydney towards the end of next month and the only 'must do' on my list is to visit Illamasqua.  So, if you're in Sydney at the end of July and you happen to  see some sad girl sobbing at the Illamasqua counter, crying 'I just can't believe you're here.  It's a dream come truuuuuuuue', whilst bewildered (and possibly amused) Illamasqua staff wonder when they should call store security, then it's probably me.

I have swatched Velocity previously, but it's a lacquer that I really wanted to take for another spin.

This is a beautiful lacquer.  You can get away with one thick coat of this but I did two.  I love it like I love carrot cake.

I decided to try this with Prism layered over the top.  Oh man, just click on the jump to see awesomesauce of a thousand flavours.

Prism is just an absolute winner.  It can literally transform any lacquer and turn it into something truly magical.

To Illamasqua, welcome to Australia.  And yeah, you want might to employ extra security, or at least a mop to clean up the tears I will no doubt shed, when I visit you guys next month.


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