Tuesday, September 21, 2010

butter LONDON - Pink Ribbon & Fash Pack

If you're an Aussie, October's Harper Bazaar Magazine has a special gift for you.  Yep, it's Gisele Bundchen talking smack about breast feeding!  Oh yeah, and there's a free butter LONDON lacquer included in the $9.95 purchase price.  You can pick from two colours: Pink Ribbon and Fash Pack.

Being the ridiculously addicted to lacquer individual that I am, I naturally bought two copies of said magazine just to get the two colours, which I've swatched here.  Excuse the smudge marks on the bottles.  These lacquers make me grabby.

The first, Pink Ribbon, is a sheer pink.  And when I say sheer, this was five coats.  This has its place as the perfect accompaniment to a French Manicure but I wouldn't wear it on its own. 

It's Fash Pack that's the clear winner and the one I would recommend if you are thinking of buying.  Peep it after the jump.

This is GORGEOUS.  A brown creme with a swathe of gold running through it.  Unfortunately, what looks to be a strong gold presence in the bottle all but disappears on the nail (just like Perfect Prezzie).  You have to look hard to see the gold.  So it's kinda like fancy knickers.  You know the shimmer is there, but it's pretty much invisible to anyone not looking for it.

Love, love, love butter LONDON. 


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