Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ulta3 - Confetti

Today's lacquer is from Aussie brand, Ulta3.  Confetti really does remind me of confetti.  I kinda want to throw it over a bride but I'm been told by a soon to be married friend that most brides don't want to smell of lacquer.  Brides are so precious.  I'm going to buy my friend the cheapest thing on her registry.  Just jokes.  I'm going to re-gift.

This is a layering lacquer, with multi-coloured glitter on a clear base.  Since it will never get opaque on its own, I've layered it over three lacquers for you to see.

First off is over Jessica's Shock Me Red, which I swatched earlier this week.

Pretty cool, huh?

I've also lacquered this over butter LONDON's Pink Ribbon and Fash Pack.  Check it after the jump.  It gets better.

Pink Ribbon looks gorgeous but it is the Fash Pack mash up that is stunning to me.

I wish I could get a dress made that looked like this manicure.  Can't you just see this as a frock. Maybe a solid satin with a shimmery, sequined encrusted overlay. I'm so going to try and make this happen and then match the manicure to my frock!


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