Monday, September 13, 2010

Miss D - Catch Up For Coffee

Miss D is an Australian brand attached to accessories store, Diva.

I bought these with low expectations.  As Diva is an accessories store predominantly, I figured these would be pretty terrible.  Kind of like an afterthought rather than a product they would invest time in perfecting.  I know, faulty assumption to make but, hey, I'm old and I'm allowed to be cynical.

But, oh, how I've had to eat my words with this brand (along with some Creme Eggs).  Check out Catch Up For Coffee, an amazing greige.

Gorgeous.  A genuine one-coater.  Glides on a like a dream.

I am utterly impressed.  So much so that, each of the prize packs for this month's giveaway has a Miss D lacquer up for grabs.  Yes, I'm prepared to stake my reputation on these.  They are a wonderful surprise package.

Am totally going back for more of these.  Let's just hope no-one else figures out how good they are and beats me to the counter!


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