Sunday, September 26, 2010

Naily News #48

Since both Kaz and Nixxy have left the country, I'm now in charge of Aussie nail blogging. And things are going to change around here. I might invade Poland.  If something should happen to me, Boo's in charge.  He will be a benevolent dictator.

There is still time to enter my Anniversary Giveaway. Entries close in a few days so make sure your entry is in to win!

Far out Megan does a great manicure.

Did you know that Kellie Gonzo used to think that Illamasqua was too good for her.  No really. This is glorious.  

Another Megan. Another amazing manicure.

New Zulu. Old Zulu. Scrangie just makes me want Zulu.

I will get down on my knees and sob the day I get my hands on Viridian.

Not nail related but, goddamn, Ange does a good rant. She ought to be a speechwriter.

If you have a great nail related post to share, paste a link in the comments.

Otherwise, I've been tagged by my girl, Jade, and, for once, I'm actually going to do it!  Jump to see some rather pedestrian smack talk.

1. What is your current favourite makeup item?

Lanolips! I can't live without them. I am an addict to sheep by-product.

2. What is your current favourite nail polish?

butter LONDON's All Hail McQueen.  I wear it nearly constantly, which is rare for me.  Swatch coming up this week.

3. What is your current favourite item of clothing?

My polka dot cropped blazer. Heart.

4. Current favourite shoes?

Steve Madden Mary Janes.  If I could wear them everywhere I would.  And I actually do wear them everywhere.  Most recently, to my annual erm.... 'womanly' check at the doctor's office.

5. General dreams and aspirations for the future?

To be a professional writer, working from home and spending my days watching my boys grow up.

Man, that's corny. Someone fetch me my vinegar.

6. Favourite animal?


7. Favourite jewellery accessory?

My wedding ring.  I never get tired of looking at it and remembering what it represents.


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