Friday, September 3, 2010

Jessica - Bear Hug + Farewell to MeganChair

Yesterday, I was truly saddened when MeganChair announced she was closing down her blog (now deleted).  It would be easy to say that Megan was just another nail blogger, but she wasn't and isn't. Her tutorial of manicure cleanup is a benchmark and her ability to pick dupes out of nowhere is astounding.
She will be sorely missed in the blogging community.  I'm dedicating today's manicure to Megan because she's awesomesauce.

Edited to add: Emmajoy sums it up in the comments: 'She made shorties rock'.  She SO DID.

Another edit: Thanks to Piz in the comments for providing more info about this lacquer. 'This polish is from a collection put together for the BBC and £2.00 from every purchase went to the charity Children In Need. It isn't a new colour, its actually Midnight Moonlight from the Dark Side of the Moon Collection; there are 3 other colours available, which are: Bazaar, Pharaoh and Notorious - all in the cute teddy bottles. I think they are still available although some could be out of stock now. They are on the UK website'

Yet another edit: Thanks to Jess, they are also available at 

I've tried to find out about this lacquer on Google with little success.  From what I can gather, it might be a limited edition lacquer for the BBC Children in Need Charity.  If anyone can help me out with the origin of this one, or where you can buy it, let me know in the comments.

Wherever it has come from, this is an amazing lacquer.  A stunning navy blue with light blue shimmer throughout.  The formula is marginally gluggy but not a deal breaker, and it was opaque in two coats.

I feel like disco dancing when I wear this. Yes indeed, I want to channel my inner Travolta.


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