Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scandal - Green Pearl

Wow, it's been a long time between drinks for Scandal polish.  I fell in love with the first - and only - swatch I did but just haven't gotten back to that fab little Korean grocer. Part of it is just that I've been busy.  Another part of it is the fact that I found an even better place that sells pork buns and, so, didn't need to make the trip down.

Well, I eventually got down there last week and, I swear, the squeeing started even before I entered the store.

Green Pearl is even better than Amoled Glam. It's a chunky glitter encased in a light teal base.  Four coats and I was done and, quite seriously, I feel like a mermaid wearing this.

Let's just say that I shall never shun the grocer again, inferior pork buns or not.  Well, that is, so long as the lovely shop assistants let me in the shop again.


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