Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BYS - UV Nail Polish Collection - Part II

If you haven't seen Part I of this collection, click here.

Under the jump is Part II of the BYS UV Nail Polish Collection.  And my favourites. :-)

Just a comment on the formula.  This is an extremely thin formula, with the exception of Thunderstruck which was very thick.  So none of them ever get completely opaque, even with multiple coats (I did four for each swatch bar Thunderstruck, where I only needed two).  This doesn't bother me because they work beautifully under the UV and, really, that's their main purpose.

In terms of wear, they will last so long as you wrap the ends and use a good top coat (which doesn't seem to impact the UV-ability of the lacquer, although BYS do have a UV top coat available). Because the formula is thin, they can chip easily if there is no top coat over the top.

So read on to see some more UV goodness.  Peep it!

Hot Tropics

 Tension Rising

Thunderstruck (that squiggle on my middle finger is my chandelier reflecting off the nail. I don't have fungus I promise!)

So ladies, all done and now's the time to tell me your favourite.  Which ones do you love / loathe?

The lacquers featured in this review were provided by Dashing Director Dave. For more information on YGN's Disclosure Policy, click here.


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