Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sinful Colors - Name this lacquer!!

Edited to add: Wow, you guys are amazing.  The common consensus is that this is Nail Junkie.  I have another swatch of this layered coming up during the week, so you'll get a second look at it.

I have no idea what this Sinful Colors is called.  The sticker is missing from the bottom of the lacquer.  Ooooooh, mystery lacquer.  If you know the name, could you please enlighten me in the comments?


If you're someone who hates a visible nail line, this is not for you.  The above is four coats and it's not even close.  But I don't mind, because this lacquer has one heck of a spunky personality.  I feel like a beautiful mermaid, with a somewhat sheer tail, wearing this!


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