Monday, September 6, 2010

Chi Chi - Moondust

I first saw Chi Chi's Moondust on Pretty Random.  It has always been the standout of the Chi Chi lacquer stable so, when I finally saw some on sale in Target, I picked up a few couple.

For the first time ever on YGN, I'm tempted to swear. No really.  This is fan-f*cking-fabulous.  Awesome.  Brilliant.  Stunning.  I'm running out of superlatives.

Two coats and I was done.  It dries to a rough finish (as you can see in the second swatch) but glistens in the light like a lighthouse.

I have a small assignment for you guys.  Kaz thinks the formula may have changed from the original one she swatched earlier this year.  I'm inclined to agree.  Mine looks a touch more purple than the deep blue of Kaz's version.  Have a look at both swatches and let me know what you think in the comments.


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