Sunday, September 5, 2010

Naily News #45 - Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there

 Ooooh, BYS Prima Ballerina, I will swatch you soon but, in the meantime, Nixxy rocks it out.

I can't describe why this manicure makes me hyperventilate but it's safe to say that it is so awesome it needs an advisory warning.

Oooooh Galaxy Girl!

Far out, Diana must be stopped.  This is breath taking.

Oh lord, this is the best drunk post / manicure ever. Scandalous Ange, don't ever change.

Brooke is going nude. We should all thank some higher power for being so lucky!

Night Prowl, why have I not heard of you before?

Oooooh another crackle polish, courtesy of Nihrida.

What a fabulous red.

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Otherwise, read on to hear why my Brett is a fab dad.

Today, in a number of countries around the world, it's Father's Day. In our household, we don't go in for gifts (aside from the ones the boys make at kinder - Chuffy made a toolbox whilst Boo fashioned a pen holder made out of plaster).  I did get Brett his favourite breakfast - McDonalds Hotcakes - and he was suitably happy with that.

 Chuffy whinging, Brett indifferent

Brett is an amazing father to our two boys.  Because Brett's dad died when he was only six, Brett decided years ago that he wanted to be a stay at home dad whilst I worked.  He does everything for our two sons - cooking, cleaning, ironing, taxi-ing, washing faces, giving cuddles, giving time outs - EVERYTHING.

Boo and Brett. Twins.

And it is a beautiful thing to see.  Especially when it comes to Boo.  When Boo was diagnosed with autism, I crumbled.  Completely.  But not Brett.  The afternoon we got back from the paedatrician after the official diagnosis, he was on the internet, researching, talking to people, finding out everything he could. 

I attribute alot of Boo's progress to Brett.  He never gives up on him.  He never loses patience.  He never sees Boo as being behind -  just different. It makes my heart happy to know that Boo's best defence in this often cruel world is a 6'4" Englishman who would lay down his life for that little munchkin and do anything to ensure he is the best he can be.

So, on this Father's Day, I want to pay tribute to the most amazing Brett.  Happy Father's Day love and no, it's YOUR turn to take out the garbage tonight, not mine.

And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I hope you all have a great day filled with breakfast in bed, soap on a rope and poorly constructed craft projects.


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