Wednesday, October 27, 2010

China Glaze - Awakenings - Halloween 2010

The beautiful Carina, from Gilded Nails, send me some nail polish last week.  I was expecting just the one, but Carina decided to be sneaky and threw in China Glaze's Awakening Collection.  How sweet, right?

She didn't want anything in return, but she made the mistake of putting her address on the package.  So, uh, Carina, expect some goodness in the next week.  No arguments.  I'm older than you.  By multiples.

Click on the jump to see this fantastic collection!

Mummy May I is a beautiful pink glitter in a deep purple base.  This is a little tricky to work with in that it tends to be a little gluggy.  But, sheesh, that's a beautiful colour.

Ick-A-Bod-Y is a dense orange glitter in a green - yes, green - base.  As with all glitters, it looks amazing on the nail and is a total b*tch to remove.  But it's just beautiful and totes worth the hassle.

It's probably no surprise that Zombie Zest is my favourite.  It's totally and utterly unique.  The first coat looks like cat sick.  The second coat is just sick, as in good.  I love this lacquer.  China Glaze are off the chain with this.

All up, this is a brilliant collection.   Thanks again to Carina for her wonderful generosity!


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