Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede

Ahhh, God bless caca swatches. They keep me grounded and stop me from getting cocky.

This week's caca swatch is proudly brought to you by the oil like substance that seems to have invaded my bottle of OPI's We'll Always Have Paris Suede.

I noticed as soon as I started swatching that the milk wasn't clean with this formula.  The oil seemed to have separated the lacquer.

That made it near impossible to apply evenly or cleanly because the lacquer literally sloshed around the nail.

It also resulted in the lacquer drying as a gloss, rather than a suede.  I tried to mattify if by applying Essie's Matte About You and the colour literally slid off the nail.  DISASTER.

Something was definitely wrong with this formula. Maybe I should stop buying OPIs from dusty bins but, like my addiction to buying fried ice-cream from unhygienic street hawkers, I'm not sure I can ever stop.

At least the colour is pretty!


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