Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mavala - Black Velvet

Here in Australia, we don't get much love from Mavala.  Well, we get love but it's of the pink and red variety only.  We get none of the amazing collections or bright colours.  Just the neutrals.

And it's expensive.  Over $10, in my chemist anyway, for a teeny tiny bottle.  I'm not cheap, but I'm not handing over good cash for a size challenged neutral.

But this is a gift from my mother in law and it totally makes me wish Mavala would take a risk on the Aussie market and bring out more of these.

Black Velvet is by no means unique, but it is beautiful.  A deep navy shimmer with a flash of purple that you can see in the third photo.

The formula is wonderfully creamy and you only need two coats to get to opaque.

Seriously, Mavala, we Aussies need more of this goodness.


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