Sunday, October 31, 2010

Naily News #53

There ain't no party like a Kaz Saturday Swatch Party!

Nicole casts a spell.

Diana's nail art always drags me in.  This time, its an intricate web design that you MUST see.

Ange frankens something that looks JUST like Glitter Gal's green holo.

Halloween Gloriousness from the wonderful Laynie.

Kellie Gonzo bares it all.  We wish.  But there are some nice manicures in here too.

Millie brings the Glitter Gal holo.

Ginger's konad makes me sad because I shall never be as good as this.

OMG, I MUST get these Essies!

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Otherwise, read on after the jump to find out what Chuffy Jack Sparrow and Dick Dastardly Boo got up to during the week that had me waking up the neighbours.

I got up on Wednesday morning early because I needed to get to work for an important breakfast meeting.  I turn on the water in the shower and it's cold.  Stone cold.  Clearly, the hot water isn't working.

I realise I have to be showered, dressed and out the door in 20 minutes in order to make that meeting.  So I bite the bullet and jump in, yelping and screaming because - DAMN - it was cold.

As I finish up after a very cold couple of minutes, I start to hear giggling.  I turn off the shower and listen.  Chuff and Boo are giggling away, apparently pleased at my very cold shower.  The culprits!

According to my little monkeys, I make way too much noise in the morning when getting ready (pffft, I have it on good authority that my morning rendition of MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This is off the chain).  Besides which, they want me to stay at home with them during the day.  So they had turned the hot water off at the meter the night before so that I couldn't shower and, as a result, wouldn't make too much noise and couldn't go to work.

Simultaneously diabolical and adorable.  I'm kinda stunned at the complex thought process they went through.  Well, Chuff anyway.  I'm pretty sure Boo doesn't know what day of the week it is.

I ended up going to work.  Physically cold, but with a wonderfully warm heart. My kids are both smart AND cheeky.  And I'm dope on the floor and I'm magic on the mic.


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