Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Topshop - Copper Coated

Today, it's all about a Topshop flakie, Copper Coated.

Now I imagine your internal dialogue is going something like this: 'What? Topshop has a flakie? Wow... nahhhh.... can't be.  Really? A Topshop flakie?  Man, I have to see this'.

And here it is.  I've taken the photos here in flash, just so you can see how beautiful it is.

This is PHENOMENAL.  A beautiful, almost plum-like copper, with fish food like flakes peaking through.  In my lacquer collection, anyway, this is unique and I love it.  Topshop, I'm not overly religious but I'm feeling a fervour that only usually comes at the end of church.

I had a couple more photos in diffused light under the jump, just in case you want some more browny, flakie goodness.


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