Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Australia is a pretty good place to live.

We have great weather, Vegemite, Tim Tams, Hugh Jackman and, of course, the Gum Leaf Mafia.

But possibly the best thing to ever come out of Australia is Haigh's Chocolates.  My work building is right across the road from Haigh's. This is a very bad thing because, on a daily basis, I am haunting the shop, prowling for new flavours and thrills. 

Today, I bought some handmade dark chocolates.  And promptly ate them all.  My favourites were the Rose Cream, Strawberry Cream and the Lemon Myrtle Cream. They were just so cute and delicious that I decided to create a nail art tribute to celebrate a classic Australian brand and to celebrate Australia Day.

To create this, I used RBL's Au Chocolat as the base. Of course.

For the flower, I used Mecca Cosmetica's Luciana and Helen with Sportgirl's Nail It! Apple. To create the flower, I used the end of my nail art brush as a dotting tool and then brushed the leaf on.  It's not the Mona Lisa, but it's definitely not a train wreck.  So I'm happy.

To all of the Gum Leaf Mafia, have a wonderful Australia Day.  To all my international readers, there's nothing in the Australia Day rule book that says that internationals can't celebrate also.   So lift your glasses and toast a great country that provides the world with a plethora of great food, hot men and superfly nail bloggers.


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