Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey There, Wait A Minute Mr Postman - Essie

This might be a boring haul for some of you, but I'm pretty excited about these little beauties.

I picked these up at a beauty salon last week.  I was just walking past when I saw a jar full of Essies.

Now, for many of you, this would not be an exciting development.   But Essies are hard to find in Australia so, when I saw this winking at me from the foothpath, I practically ran into the salon.

From left to right we have: Pearly White, Pink is Powerful, Pink is the Link and Wife Goes On.

These colours are great for wearing on their own, as an accompaniment to a French manicure, or as a Konad stamping colour.  And they just look so cute in my lacquer collection.  Like little bullets of pastel prettiness.


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