Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ulta3 - Bottle Green

No, I haven't lost a finger.

But I did momentarily lose my mind whilst doing this swatch and simultaneously smudged and lifted off the polish on my index finger.  Hence, for this post's purposes, my index finger is resting on the bench. 

Bottle Green is a stunning, frosty / chrome green.  I've tried to capture the different ways it looks in this photo (in the process of trying to capture the colour, I blurred the marshmallow out of this swatch - my apologies).  Sometimes it looks like a deep green (as you can see on my ring finger), whilst other times the frost just can't be contained (see my little finger).

I knew I was onto a winner with this when my very conservative mother (who only wears red, red and more red), asked 'Can I borrow that?'  For her to deviate so far out of her colour comfort zone says something about the awesomesauce (sorry, Kaz, this is my word of the week) of this lacquer.

If you're looking for a dupe, you're in luck.  Barielle's Spring 2010 Wildflower Collection, swatched here by Scrangie, has a near dead-on dupe called Snap Dragon.  Scrangie's swatch looks marginally lighterand more of a chrome, but we are talking a matter of a few degrees here.

Stay tuned later today for a special Australia Day manicure!  I've attempted a nail art exercise and, for a change, it actually looks good. Stop laughing!


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