Friday, January 22, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Black Russian

Yeah, so I saved my favourite lacquer for last.  Of course.  It's like saving the icing of the cake until the end and then basking in its sugar-rush glow.

Black Russian (or Zee Black Russian as it's called in this house), is one of the most spectacular lacquers I've ever seen.

It's a black lacquer with tiny red particles through it.  Definitely click on the larger image to see this in all its glory.

The key with Zee Black Russian is its subtlety.  The black cream is perfect on its own and is stunning.  The red just adds a hint of mystery and interest.

Ji Baeck calls this 'goth, all grown-up and very sophisticated' and I couldn't agree more.  I feel like I'm super-chic and cool wearing this.

If you don't want to wait until the next RBL 50% off sale, or don't want to spend the money (and this is an expensive lacquer), then there are cheap dupes that are readily available.

On the left I have Black Russian, China Glaze's Lubu Heels and Milani's Garnet Gems.  Lubu Heels and Garnet Gems are both available for under $5.

If you have a look at the swatches on the left, Black Russian is very subtle.  Garnet Gems is totally in your face (it's the hotness).  Lubu Heels seems to sit comfortably between the two.

For me, Black Russian is my preferred lacquer.  I love the subtlety and elegance of the understated red.  And the formula is out of this world.  Much smoother than the other two and far glosser when it dries.

So, what do you think.  Do you love Zee Black Russian as much as I do?  It makes me want to watch Dr Zhivago all over again.


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