Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sneak Peak

You may remember a little while back that I did a swap with the Lovely Leanne.

Leanne sent me a HUGE amount of polishes including my very first Barry M's and GOSH.  But I had a problem with these.  I just couldn't pick which ones to wear.  They're all gorgeous.  So I enlisted the help of my two little ones to pick five colours for me out of a hat and, as such, this week I've named Lovely Leanne's Lacquer Lottery!  5 random colours for you, including one mash-up that is a must see.

I've also had some major haulage over the last few weeks, which I'll be showing to you all week.  I'm kinda embarrassed by how much I've bought, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that most of them were reduced price and some were only $2 each.  And that it was Christmas. And I've been good.

To kick off, here's my recent haulage from the RBL 50% Off Sale.  From left to right: Sheer White, Black Russian, Au Chocolat and *sigh*  *gasp*  *faint* Scrangie.  They are all beautiful but it's Scrangie that, for me, is one of the most memorable lacquers ever made.  It's utter perfection in a bottle.

I will get around to swatching and posting these shortly.  I'm still trialling them to see how well they last on the nail.

I hope you are all well!  Have a kick-a** week!


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