Thursday, January 14, 2010

GOSH - Bright Passion 585

When I saw that Leanne had sent me GOSH's Bright Passion 585, I did a little happy dance.  This looked amazing in the bottle.

However, I was not so thrilled with how this looked on the nail.  Whilst the glitter is gorgeous and stunning (it's like a million mini glow sticks are dancing on my nails), the base is a really dirty grey.  It reminds me of the nails that hairdressers have after handling hair dye all day.

So disappointing.  Especially since the formula itself is exquisite.  Although the glitter is quite large and stringy, it dries very smooth on the nail.  And over hang was minimal.  In other words, the perfect glitter.  But a not so perfect base.

But I wasn't prepared to give up that easily on this.  So I tried it over Boots 17's Risky Red, which I trialled earlier this week.

Now, that's more like it.

Once I layered this over Risky Red, I realised that, whilst this doesn't work (for me anyway) as a lacquer on its own, it's pretty close to perfection as a layering lacquer.

This mutes the red somewhat, making it even bluer.  The glitter, too, seems more vibrant and interesting with the red backdrop.  More colourful.

Have you ever had a lacquer that looked like it was heading for a Titanic-esque end, but which you then found an alternate use for?  Let me know in the comments.


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