Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naily News #16

Sigh. There's nothing else to say. It's Kae's nails and all I can do is sigh when I see them.

Gilded Angel masters the Lubu Manicure.  It's a glorious manicure you have to see.

Mary is torturing me with Tortuga.  Ok, so it's not a great play on words but this manicure is something to behold.

All You Desire is making me want candy.  DO NOT look at this manicure if you're even slightly candy lemming.

Sheesh, Brooke is doing it too!  What is it with food at the moment ladies?  Your manicures are making me hungry!

Kaz is awesomesauce.  I'm not going to explain.  Just click.

Nicole ices it up with China Glaze's Refresh Mint.

You want purple?  You want shimmer?  Then you'll want to be seeing Katie's super duper purple monster manicure.

RBL totally turn the concept of a Spring lacquer on its head.  Check out Lacquer Laine for some amazing swatches from RBL's Spring 2010 Collection.

Kirsten has one of the most beautiful plum / burgundies I've seen in a while.  It kinda helps too that Kirsten's nails are divine.

Violet Le Beaux is just a big ball of stupendous creativity

Finally, Kitty to Karen has nails that shine like justice.  An obscure Cake reference but one I certainly appreciated.

Stay tuned guys.  I'm just about to draw the January Giveaway (just getting the last of the names into my software).


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