Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey There, Wait A Minute Mr Postman - I come from the Land Down Under

As you all know, I love promoting Australian lacquers.  The only thing I love more than promoting them, is actually buying them and wearing them!

Here are three Aussie treats from my recent Haulage-palooza.

The first lot is from a brand called Ulta3.

These are legendary in Australia for a number of reasons - they're cheap ($2 for a whopping 13.5mls), the colour range is huge and they wear well.

I picked up five that really grabbed me..  I won't give away too much but... oh what the heck, you guys will get a chance to win one of these in a few weeks.  I'd be so useless in a war - I can never keep secrets.

The second lot of haulage is from a brand that I have never heard of: Totally Beautiful Nails.

Bought in the same place as the Ulta3 lacquers (for those of you in Melbourne, you can get the Ulta3 and TBN lacquers from Creelman's Pharmacy in the Target Centre), these caught my eye immediately.

For a start, they are shaped like Chanel.  Except that they're around double the size.  And the colours seem super similar to Chanel.  The first lacquer on the left seems to be a Vendetta dupe.  I have no idea how these will perform on the nail but, for a crazy $2 each, I'm willing to give them a go.

The final haulage is from my old favourite kit Cosmetics

I'm really starting to have a full on love affair with blues, hence when I saw these at the kit counter, I was all over them.  I'm pretty sure the shop assistant was somewhat scared when I blathered to her how beautiful these were, and how much I loved them already, and..... you get the idea.

So, what do you guys think?  Any early favourites?


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